The Problem...

Recent 2020 election fraud, domestic terrorist groups like Antifa and BLM crimes, Democratic and RINO corruption, banking and mortgage financial fraud, government alphabet agencies corrupted over the last few decades all helped to awaken millions of people across this Republic.

Everyone knows there is something terribly wrong with our governments, and that the problem is getting worse by the day. Many true patriots, and even many who haven't even thought of themselves as "patriots," are sick at heart at the unconstitutional lawlessness, greed and corruption taking place in our Republic, but are frustrated about what to do about it. Many join various patriotic groups to help support and defend our rights, and educate people, and to begin to resist the growth of tyranny, which is a great thing to do, but this doesn't address the real place change must take place in a unified effort... at out local, County level, and with the People. What can be done to unite citizens in towns, cities and counties across our great Republic?

The various Federal, State and Local governments have strayed far outside their authority and are unconstitutional in many actions. Unless The People stand up for the laws of the land and for the Constitution, as it was intended and as "The People" expect it to be, our way of life is threatened and will cease to exist. There are millions of people across the country that belong to various groups that hold to these beliefs as well, but there numbers are so diluted at the local level that nothing is really done to affect grass root, local efforts to take back your own liberties.

The Solution...

Creating your own local county, city or town as a "Liberty Zone" is the start to bringing like-minded people together. Liberty Zones locally will be that focal point for individuals, irrespective of group affiliations, and allow our County and local citizens to support the varied missions of the many allies we all have in the various groups fighting the beast. The ONLY way the People will secure their liberties is to stand together to defend the Constitution, federal, state and local.

Establishing your neck of the woods as a Liberty Zone gives NOTICE to all governments, as well as visitors, that your area will not tolerate unconstitutional encroachment into your rights and freedoms. Many local Sheriffs are standing for the Constitution, and are ready to defend county citizens from federal tyranny, and the citizens can support the sheriff in this position. If your Sheriff is NOT a constitutional Sheriff, there is plenty you can do to either encourage them to be so, or to replace them if they violate rights and the constitution!

The FIRST step in taking back your freedoms and liberties is to understand WHO YOU ARE. If you do not know what you are, and your standing in relationship to the government's which have stolen your liberties, you are simply a slave. When you learn how this has happened, and how you can stop being the wrong kind of corporate government citizen, you will see a whole new panorama of liberty. if you aren't interested in changing your life, your finances and your freedoms, then ignore this and go on about your servant lifestyle, but if you want to truly understand the fraud being waged against you and your family, and ALL of us, you need to begin taking responsibility for your status, and quit feeding the beast through willingly giving up your sovereignty and liberty in exchange for government privileges.

Maintaining liberty can only be through being educated on things being purposefully withheld from us. This isn't necessarily "easy" but it IS the ONLY way to do it short of armed rebellion against the tyranny we all face. Freedom is NOT free. Research Website: USA: The Republic: Liberty only exists when you KNOW who you are...and act on this truth...STUDY, and learn more about Citizenship, Jurisdiction and Liberty. You will be shocked at what you learn about how ALL Americans have been deceived and enslaved, after the slaves were "freed".

All Sheriffs need to make a public decision as to whether they are willing to keep their Oath of Office to defend against unlawful usurpation of powers by governments. In so declaring they will, they can harness the power of the People to support them in all endeavors to take our counties and Republic back from tyrannical powers bent on destroying our way of life.

Any Sheriff who is NOT not yet willing to keep their Oath of Office need to be encouraged to do so, or they MUST be replaced by the People, and even sued under 42 U.S.C., 1983 for depravation of citizen's rights. This is a serious matter.

Also, consider creating your own County Guard group to support your Sheriff, or as a united group against unconstitutional actions by officials. We are implementing the "County Guard" concept so each county has its own Guard group... such as "Archuleta County Guard." Previous Sheriff Arpaio in Arizona had several thousand "posse" members in his support team at one time, which could easy be named "Maricopa County Guard" members, and all counties can do the same. It is another easy way for local citizens to engage in "Guarding" the constitution, and against unlawful and unconstitutional actions in your local area.

Imagine establishing "Liberty Zones" across our Republic, and securing them via the local Sheriff, and the County Guard members. This is something most citizens could easily support and feel like they are actually making a difference, beginning in their local communities, which is where ALL change must begin.

An important aspect of any "Liberty Zone" is that citizens understand what "Liberty" actually is, and how we have strayed from our constitution, and have allowed our rights and freedoms to be eroded. Education in constitutional issues is vital, and quite easy to understand. If you handled 8th grade, you can easily read the short Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and be able to see how we have set aside the original law of the land over the past 150 years. Knowledge is power!

Power starts at the local county level, and the County Sheriff is the highest law enforcement authority under the People in the county. The people elect the Sheriff, and stand behind him as their public servant to protect and defend their rights. Please pass these concepts on to all your friends and neighbors, and have them and your local Sheriff contact Sheriff Richard Mack through Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, and Oath Keepers to make their pledge to stop illegal and unconstitutional activities in their county. Sheriff Mack is on a quest to reach every Sheriff in our Republic with the message of defending liberty and the Constitution, and to bring citizens together to stop the encroachment into our rights and liberties, and needs every donation possible to speed this along.

Learn about your lawful power as a Jury member to nullify bad or unconstitutional laws at the court level... Fully Informed Jury Association. Don't underestimate this power, since, as a jurist, you are a higher authority than the judges themselves, and can vote your conscience, so say the original courts.

We have the power in our hands if we but understand it, and use it by joining to support each other and our local communities and say, "No further, NOT ON OUR WATCH!"

State Nullification is the power to stop federal encroachment into state sovereignty!

MUST WATCH! Thomas Wood Explains Power of States to Nullify unconstitutional and void laws!

MUST WATCH! Here's a prime example of federal insanity and encroachment into our lives... these federal agents responsible for this are traitors, as are all supporters of this lawlessness, plain and simple. We are at war... which means we must defend all states and citizens against this unlawful government activity. Watch the short video about Federal harassment of Ted Nugent's vocal patriotism!

State power does NOT control local government or citizens

Here is an example of the Colorado Constitution and what it specifically states regarding what a state legislature can and cannot do...

Article 5, Section 25. Special legislation prohibited.

"The general assembly shall not pass local or special laws in any of the following enumerated cases, that is to say; for granting divorces; laying out, opening, altering or working roads or highways; vacating roads, town platts, streets, alleys and public grounds; locating or changing county seats; regulating county or township affairs; regulating the practice in courts of justice; regulating the jurisdiction and duties of justices of the peace, police magistrates and constables; changing the rules of evidence in any trial or inquiry; providing for changes of venue in civil or criminal cases; declaring any person of age; for limitation of civil actions or giving effect to informal or invalid deeds; summoning or impaneling grand or petit juries; providing for the management of common schools; regulating the rate of interest on money; the opening or conducting of any election, or designating the place of voting; the sale or mortgage of real estate belonging to minors or others under disability; the protection of game or fish; chartering or licensing ferries or toll bridges; remitting fines, penalties or forfeitures; creating, increasing or decreasing fees, percentage or allowances of public officers; changing the law of descent; granting to any corporation, association or individual the right to lay down railroad tracks; granting to any corporation, association or individual any special or exclusive privilege, immunity or franchise whatever. In all other cases, where a general law can be made applicable no special law shall be enacted."

Notice it states that the counties even have the authority to deal with "game or fish." This is further support that federal encroachment into our local areas with their "federal" ownership of our "national parks" is bogus and unconstitutional and outside its 18 Enumerated Powers. Can you see the power we have always had, but have allowed to be stolen from us?

It is really an easy solution to our critical loss of freedoms and rights under this encroachment of government into our personal liberties... so we can't complain about the problems if we fail to take such simple steps as the above... and exercise our power to put the government beast back into its chains under the constitution.

Steps to take in your local area:

Keep in mind that it took us over 150 years to get into this position because we have all let down our vigilance to safeguard our freedoms and the constitution, so it will take some concerted effort to reclaim what is rightfully ours.

  1. Read the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights via the links at the top left.
  2. Begin reading and researching the "Power Links" to see the tremendous movement 10's of millions are engaging in to defend our rights and freedoms.
  3. Download and print out the Liberty Zone Support Notice. Sign it, if you haven't already signed one, and use it to obtain signatures from those who support the Liberty Zone concept which you can hand to your local commissioners, sheriff and others you want to meet with and encourage to join the project. Also download the Liberty Zone Support Notice Supplement with constitutional rulings in cases for support to prove to people the law is on our side.
  4. Plan to meet with local Tea Party or any other similar liberty-minded groups in your area and present the idea.
  5. Begin creating your own Ballot Initiatives or similar process. This is a great tool to use to wake people up and to help engage them in doing something locally.
  6. begin to create a "self-sufficiency" mindset... locally grown foods, bartering system to free yourself from the growing fraud of the Federal Reserve system and a "paperless money system" that will have complete power to buy and sell and over WHAT you can eat.
  7. Build a local community group of like-minded people who can rally together... numbers are needed to sway existing governments. This is also vital should we have trouble from governments against our rights.

More steps will be released as we progressively move through this "re-education" process. Don't underestimate the power of one person, YOU, and what that power, combined with millions of others, can do to save our republic from tyranny and oppression which is surely descending upon us all!

Here are the documents of resolutions 6 Colorado Counties that have taken a constitutional stand against government tyranny:

Weld County -

Montrose County -

Mesa County -

Jefferson County -

El Paso County -

Archuleta County - (Resolution is at the bottom of the minutes document)

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